Tell Them You Care

June 26:

Jackie Evans is moving away to Minnesota within a few weeks. We would like to give her a set of "going away blocks".  If you want to participate, please make a 9" block of your choosing, and sign your name and bring it to the next Thimbleweeds meeting.

Carolyn Wilson was a member of Thimbleweeds many years but moved out of town in 2006. Her husband Gene passed away on the 21st of May. For those of you who knew her, I know she would love a card.

Take a minute and drop a sweet card to Robin Cockrell who had surgery.

Sue Harris's husband, Ron, passed away. 

Suzi Campos' dad passed away.  If you'd drop a card in the mail, I know she'd be touched.

Geneie Brown passed away.  You will probably remember her as one of our enthusiastic Community Service leaders.  The one who introduced us to the "Bento Box".  She was a busy, kind, generous woman.  Although her health had not permitted her to drive out to Rio Ranch for our meetings for the last couple of years, I am told her hands were not idle!  She loved windchimes, her children and grandchildren and doing things for others.   Thanks to many of you who sent her a card in the last couple of weeks.
A memorial service will be held Tuesday, March 27 at 11 am at Aspen Funeral Alternatives, 1935 Juan Tabo NE.

Linda Littman is very sick with pneumonia. 

Selina Farrington’s brother passed away and she’s on her way to upstate NY to go to the funeral. He had a lot of health issues but it was sudden.

Just a reminder that you might want to send a card to Dorothea Stoffer.  Her husband passed away this week. 

Please take a few minutes to send Cenia Paulson a card.  She had reconstructive foot surgery and will be off her feet for a few months.  Her sweet sister-in-law Mary Moya is helping her out.

Judy Aranow had sinus surgery and would probably appreciate a card.
Geneie Brown (who some of you might remember from a few years back) has had a neck surgery.

Our Donna B fell and broke her foot. I know she would getting a card in the mail from all of her Thimbleweed friends.

Betty Hass had a fall and had hip surgery in December.  I know she'd love to get cards in the mail.