It's time for our Thimbleweeds meeting.
This is the last meeting to sign up for dangles, and for those who have signed up, we'll have an exact count at the end of the meeting.
If you made one of Linda's purses, bring it along for the show and tell "Purse Parade".
Remember to sign up for the June Spring Retreat. You won't want to miss all of the fun we're going to have (and good food too).
Also, take a minute to sign up for one of the many jobs we'll have at the quilt show. We'll be looking for cookies and baked goodies, sodas, white glove ladies, greeters and raffle ticket sellers. Mostly though what we need are lots and lots and lots of quilts and beautiful weather!
From Sue and Robin and Kathy:
Good Sunday morning, Ladies! This Thursday, April 19th, is our Community Service sew-in. We are hosting a 'Salad' potluck. Thimbleweeds is providing the lettuce, please bring anything you'd like to eat with, in or on the lettuce. i.e. ground beef, shredded chicken, veggies, fruit, cheese, pasta salads, fruit salads, etc, etc.
As promised, Robin and I went shopping, we have door prizes for all participants. We will be doing the Disappearing 9-patch. Don't know what that is? We'll have samples and teach you how to do it! We'll also have some strip quilts to sew, and I'm working on a simple flannel Brick quilt as well. I have two kid quilts that are pinned and ready to be quilted if you'd like to attempt that. There will be something for everyone! So bring your sewing machine and normal sewing supplies. Do something you know, learn something new. Do it by yourself or with a partner. Let's have a fun and productive day.
Thanks! Sue, Robin and Kathy.

P.S. Thanks to those who have given us Red, White and Blue blocks. We'll be collecting them all year and assembling quilts as we get enough blocks to make a top.