Thursday, September 6, 2012

Patriot Day

Hello Thimbleweeds ladies,
“Patriot Day” 18th of October. Save this date in your busy schedules. We will be making either neck coolers or pillow cases. The pillow cases will be donated to either the Paralyzed Veterans of America local chapter or to Every month the City of Vision Civitans visit the spinal cord injury ward at the VA hospital to help the patients play BINGO. These pillow cases will be donated as prizes to the winners of the games. works with returning soldiers to help reintergrate into the civilian world by offering counselling, helping with veteran issues as well as housing and jobs
The neck coolers will be sent to the local Blue Star Mothers of America to be sent to deployed soldiers. If you have a soldier you would like to have a package mailed to please contact me and I will get the information out to the local chapter.

I will have the kits made up for you and ready to sew on this day. I will also have the instructions for making each project. Team up with 3 or 4 other quilters so you don't all need to bring a sewing machine. For these projects you will need to bring a sewing machine an iron (or use the ones Thimbleweeds has,) a cutting board, rotary cutter and ruler, neutral thread or any color to blend with red,white and blue. If you want more kits to take home with you to make I must have them returned by the first meeting in December. These will make wonderful surprise gifts to our veterans and also help us use the wonderful patriot fabric we have in our stash.
Optional tools to help with neck coolers:
empty paper towel rolls
yard sticks
turning tools

As a bonus to this fun filled day we are having a pot luck and you guessed it
Red, White and Blue will be the theme. So what can you think of the is red white and blue and fun to eat????Bring either a food that is red, white or blue or all three or serve it in a dish that is red white or blue. We will have all paper products (ie. plates, napkins, cups, cutlery )and water supplied by my wonderful helpers. Look for me, Faye H.,and my helpers Suzie C and Barbara S. in patriotic uniform
Remember the date October 18th sign up sheets will be available at the meetings on the 20th of September and the 4th of October

If you would like further information about the designated charities these will go to please email me at
Happy Quilting. Faye H.