Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sleep Masks

Hi Friends! 
My sister Susie is headed for the leprosy Colony in India again in January.  This year, instead of scarves, she is taking sleep masks for the amazing people afflicted with this terrible disease.  They are easy, easy, easy only take 5 minutes to make.  It would be amazing if you'd pass the word.  Maybe a few quilters out there have an extra scrap or two they'd like to whip up into a sleep mask.  Tis the season!  Thanks for helping!  I've attached a pattern and a little note about this project.  Make one or many.  Every one will be a blessing to someone! 
Love and hugs,  
I'd need them by mid December.

Sleep Mask
*Place pattern on fold.
*Cut 2.  1 black & 1 print.
*Mark where elastic goes.
*Right sides together, stitch around
   outside, leaving open for elastic.
*Turn.  Press. 
*Insert both ends of elastic.
*Top stitch.
*(Dbl. stitch over elastic ends.)
Done!!!!  Thank you!!!
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